Carla Barnhill

I have been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil--stories and scripts, essays and articles. When I was 9, I wrote a long-form poem about a snowman that would knock your socks off.

For the last two decades, I have made my living putting words together as a writer, an editor, a marketer, and a creative team leader. I have used my own words to tell stories about motherhood and parenting and the messiness therein. I have massaged the words of others to turn conversations over coffee and scribbled notes into best-selling books. I have gathered teams of writers to work late into the night so we can find the right words to describe the great mysteries of the universe. I have created effective content strategy that cuts through the crap and lets customers know that whatever I'm selling is exactly what they're looking for.

I think sentences that start, “What if we tried…?” are the key to unlocking 90% of the world’s problems. Heck, maybe even 96%.

I have crushed my enemies in Scrabble.

I believe that hearts and minds expand when we share our stories.

I am a big fan of the woods, Bruce Cockburn, reading everything, camping with my family, and listening to Lake Superior.

I find that a full moon over a body of water can soothe whatever ails the soul. 

I'm a former camp counselor and a theater kid, which means I'm always ready with a game and a showtune.

Five years ago, I decided to start drinking coffee, learning to like beer, and running. Two of these habits have stuck. 

I've lived in lots of places--North Carolina, Chicago, L.A., Scotland--but Minnesota is home and I'll never leave her again.